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  • Yara El-Soueidi

    Yara El-Soueidi

    29. millennial writer based in Montreal. feminist. b/witch. punk. queer. chaotic neutral. she/her/comrade. bonjour/hi.

  • Elise Bona

    Elise Bona

    Book lover | History enthusiast | Polyglot mit kein senso de humor.

  • Katie Critelli

    Katie Critelli

    Welcome! I write about aligning my life with nature, getting healthier every day, and defining the values and culture I find meaningful. Join me :)

  • Valerie Curro Khayat

    Valerie Curro Khayat

    is a poet and singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada, who writes and performs in Italian, English and French. Multidisciplinary www.valeriecurrokhayat.com

  • Content Cartel

    Content Cartel

    We’re a curated collective of freelance content creators banding together to call bull on the toxic assumptions of scarcity and meritocracy in the gig economy.

  • Andrew Pilkington

    Andrew Pilkington

    Living By the Edge of the Inland Sea, near the Two Hearted River, in the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thinker, writer, contrarian…

  • Jennifer Levett

    Jennifer Levett

  • Kirsten Weisenburger

    Kirsten Weisenburger

    I’m a writer and strategist based in Montreal, currently fully engaged as a Communications Strategist at Burning Man Project.

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