• Shirley J. Davis

    Shirley J. Davis

    I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.



    Ella Alexandra

  • Michael Bridge-Dickson

    Michael Bridge-Dickson

  • Joanna Mueller

    Joanna Mueller

    Writer of this and that. Knitter of things that nobody wears. Creative Writing/Women’s and Gender Studies Joannamuellerwrites.com TheDancingDaisy.com

  • Thomas


    Editor at Amazon, Navy Seabee, Comic book collector.

  • Aurora R.

    Aurora R.

  • Alexandre Alejandro

    Alexandre Alejandro

  • Erin MacLeod

    Erin MacLeod

    Sometimes read; sometimes write. Likes dancehall & injera. Wish I spoke más español y plis kreyòl. Author of Visions of Zion: Ethiopians & Rastafari (NYU Press)

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